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Storylex is a website about the fundamentals and the details that makes a story, and more importantly, that makes a story engaging.

For the moment, there is not a lot of content available here. But if you find stories fascinating, please bookmark this page and check back in a few short months. By then, this site will have gone through some major changes!

Currently, I am in the process of building this website. This involves learning WordPress and the X Theme, but also adding content consistently.

As far as content goes, the content will be added in phases. Since all stories rely on adequate and efficient communciation, through the written word, through moving and stationary images, and through sound, I will in the beginning add content in the following way:

Phase 1: English Grammar
Phase 2: Writing Style
Phase 3: Storytelling
Phase 4: … and Beyond!

In the future, I will expand into the other forms of communication and do some other cool stuff. Stay tuned, and check back here in a couple of months.

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